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We have been developing and using our Dead Drift Indicators for quite a while now, and we like them better than anything else we have used. We currently offer our indicators in red, yellow, and orange, and can be odered here.  But we are still playing around with a couple different colors - black and white etc., so keep an eye on our site for more colors yet to come. 

These indicators are really unique in how they work and attach to the leader, yet extremely simple.

We think what is unique about these indicators is -- they adjust very quickly (simply grab them and pull them up or down you leader as needed), they are held inplace from friction caused by the foam, no glue or knots are required, which leaves your indicator free from left over glue or kinks caused from knots, your leader is straight all the way to your first fly.

ONLY $4.49 a package for a package (18 indicators in a package) -each package will have three sheets of 6 indicators. Currently we have four choices -- all yellow, all red, all orange or we have a "rainbow" package with 6 indicators of each color.

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